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simple solution washable reusable leak-proof training & travel wee pad - 2 pads
simple solution washable reusable leak-proof training & travel wee pads

Simple Solution Washable Reusable Leak-Proof Training & Travel Wee Pad - 2 Pads


Never use disposable training pads again with the Washable Training & Travel Pad!

Tired of using disposable training pads for your pet? With the Simple Solution Washable Training & Travel Pad, you’ll get a hassle-free and eco-friendly way to clean up your pet’s messes!

This reusable and washable pad is made with super absorbent material to trap moisture and seal in odours. With the moisture-wicking top, these pet pads help prevent tracking to keep messes on the pad instead of outside. You can use these versatile pads to protect furniture and car seats, as a litter box mat for your cat, house training, and more.

This pack comes with 2 large reusable pet pads.


  • Large reusable, washable, and versatile training and travel pads for pets
  • Use for house training, post-surgeries, litter box mat, protecting furniture and car seats, etc.!
  • Environmentally-friendly pet pads made with super absorbent material – can hold up to 10x more than Simple Solutions disposable training pads
  • Moisture-wicking top to prevent tracking and helps seal in odour
  • Great for pets of all sizes

Quantity: 2 pads per pack

Size: 76cm x 81cm (Large)

Design: Tan/Brown with black Simple Solution Logo and pawprints

Make the Washable Training & Travel Pads a part of your pet care routine for a better way to clean up after your pet!