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Petsafe Staywell Big Cat/Small Dog Door - FROSTED - allpawspetproducts
Petsafe Staywell Big Cat/Small Dog Door - FROSTED - allpawspetproducts

Petsafe Staywell Big Cat/Small Dog Door - FROSTED

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Pet Doors - they're all about Convenience for you and your pets.

Think about it - Convenience for you during meals, at night, and when you're out - you won't have to worry about letting your pet in or out throughout the day or night.

Convenience and protection for your cat or dog - they can go outside for exercise and come back inside when it's too hot or cold. Hygiene - You can choose to get rid of the cat litter tray and let your cat go outside.

Eliminate toilet anxiety - Pets can sometimes scratch furniture and doors if they can't get out when they have to go out! The fact is, allowing your pet to come and go at will builds his confidence. Unwanted behavior problems such as destructive chewing, furniture clawing and excessive barking can often remedy themselves when your pet is no longer dependent upon you to let him out.

Product Features:

  • Fits sliding windows & glass doors
  • Suitable for all doors
  • The 4-way locking system lets you control how the door is operated
  • You control whether the entry is in only - out only - open or locked completely
  • Easy to install with the minimum amount of effort. Full details and clear, simple instructions are enclosed with every product
  • Comes with complete instructions and a fitting guide
  • 3 year Guarantee 

Fits in All Doors and Surfaces
The extremely thin profile of the exterior frame means that this Pet Door can be installed into sliding glass patio doors. However it is equally suitable for regular doors and surfaces and is provided with an adjustable tunnel that caters for most thicknesses of doors.

Ideal for Larger Cats
Designed with a slim profile ideal for sliding doors and fits into both glass and wood. The larger opening is ideal for larger cats or small dogs with a maximum shoulder width of 180mm.

Size: Small Dog / Large Cat
Suitable Pet Size Up to 10 kgs
Max. Shoulder Width 180mm
Cut Out Size 263mm diameter
Overall Size 292mm x 292mm (outer edges of the door)
Fits Wooden Doors, Glass, Brick Walls, PVC / Metal, Patio / Sliding Door
Colour  (Silver)