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flexi xtreme tape retractable dog lead 5m black/orange small
flexi xtreme retractable dog lead 5m
flexi xtreme tape retractable dog lead 5m black/orange

Flexi Xtreme Tape Retractable Dog Lead 5M Black/Orange


Flexi Xtreme Retractable Tape Lead For Dogs Is Strong And Durable For Walkies With Tough Canines

  • This robust retractable lead allows your dog to enjoy a sense of freedom of exploration, while you remain in control!
  • The X11 tape is made of tough, reinforced nylon material to withstand the strongest of dogs
  • Extends to 5 metres in length 
  • The tape is attached to an elastic bungee cord – this provides a shock-absorbing effect when your dog pulls on the lead
  • Features a bonus nylon safety loop – designed to prevent ‘snap-back’ if your dog’s collar breaks or the lead disconnects from your dog’s collar  
  • The safety loop goes around your dog’s neck and the metal swivel hook connects to both the safety loop rings and your dog’s collar
  • The large black button allows you to stop, extend or retract the lead for precision control
  • The small black button allows you to lock the lead at a desired length  
  • The lead attaches to your dog’s collar or harness with a large, swivel chrome snap hook
  • The ergonomic hand grip provides comfortable one-handed operation
  • The medium and large sized flexi leads have an adjustable handle to suit various hand sizes – to adjust the handle size, simply rotate the spiral on the handle  
  • The exterior case is made of durable plastic for long lasting use
  • The tape and case are bright orange for enhanced visibility
  • Made in Germany to the highest quality standards
  • Can be accessorised with a Flexi Multi Box or LED Lighting
  • SIZES:
    Small:  For dogs up to max. 20 kg (weight 245g approx.)
    Medium: For dogs up to max. 35 kg (weight 340g approx.)
    Large:  For dogs up to max. 65 kg (weight 470g approx.)

    COLOUR: Orange/black as illustrated