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Bags on Board Hand Armor Dog Poop Bags - Extra Thick Handle Tie Bags - 100 Bags

Make picking up pet waste less icky for you with the Bags on Board Hand Armor Extra Thick Pet Waste Bags! 

Cleaning up after your pet doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable situation when you have the Hand Armor Extra Thick Pet Waste Bags. Specially designed to be 2x thicker than regular Bags on Board pick-up bags to make the pick-up process more bearable and sanitary for you.

This pack comes with 100 Hand Armor bags and hand ties for your convenience. Bags on Board pet waste bags are biodegradable and durable. You can use these poop bags to clean up after your pet during walks or when they do their business in the yard or litter box!


  • High-quality, extra thick poop bags make it easier and more sanitary for you to pick up after your pet 
  • Better odour control and 2x thicker than regular pet waste bags
  • Helps give you more protection from touching pet waste in the bag C
  • Has  hand ties to quickly and easily close used waste bags
  • Can be used to pick up waste in cat litter box for quicker and simpler clean-up
  • Double-seamed bags for added durability and to keep waste inside
  • Best to use for large amounts of pet waste
  • Can be used to pick up waste in cat litter box

Quantity: 1 box of 100 Hand Armor Handle Tie Bags

Measurements: Bags: Approx. 18cm x 38cm

Pick up after your pet easily and more comfortably with the Bags on Board Hand Armor Extra Thick Poop Bags!

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