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Adventure Car Hammock by Zippy Paws - allpawspetproducts

Adventure Car Hammock by Zippy Paws


Protect your car seat and make it more comfortable for your pet to rest on during car rides with the ZippyPaws Adventure Car Hammock!

This unique and easy-to-use pet seat cover is innovatively designed to place over a vehicle seat to protect it from loose pet hair, dirty paws, etc., that your pet brings in. Designed with adjustable straps, seatbelt slits, and headrest loops, this hammock is easy to attach to the car seat and stays in place to prevent slippage. The waterproof backing helps keep the seat dry and is machine-washable for easy care and maintenance.


  • Car hammock for pets to help protect your car from fur, debris, muddy paws, etc., and to provide a comfortable place for your pet to rest on during car trips
  • Headrest loops that secure hammock to the car seat and keep it in place
  • Adjustable straps for better and more secure fitting around the car sit
  • Waterproof backing to prevent water from seeping through the hammock
  • Slits for seat belt to go through easily
  • Fits most standard car seats
  • Machine washable for easy care and maintenance

Size: One size fits most vehicle seats

Dimensions: 142cm x 144cm